Call now!


Thank you very much for a very thorough and complete report. Nicola has done a great job in identifying the problematic areas of the property.

We will be coming down to Javea tomorrow in order to collect quotes for the work from a few builders that have been recommended to us. Work should start in January and we might then ask Nicola to supervise it.

Thanks again for a superb job. We will certainly recommend you.

Best wishes


Thank you again Louise, this will be invaluable. I will get to work on reviewing these right away. We live in the UK, but have flights booked in early October to view the property we want surveyed, so I'll have to be a bit less Spanish in my approach until then to get the required pieces in place in time.

May I (early days though it is) express my appreciation of your prompt responses, comprehensive and honest information provided, and professional approach. We are very happy with your company's service so far.

Best wishes

A Taylor

Dear Campbell,
Thank you so much for your prompt response. I will contact my solicitor this month.
Your report allowed me to negotiate with the original builder for the new retention wall, pool alteration & concrete stamp.
The lesson I have learned is to retain 5% of a project and release the money after a full report by a professional surveyor.
When you pay for a geographic report then employ a Spanish architect & Spanish technical architect with a highly respected Spanish builder what can go wrong?
The pool & retention wall were built at the same time as the house build with the aparejador attending several times.
All the more to use your services.


Mr. G

Sorry for delay in reply. Firstly thanks for completing the draft report for us. I know you were very busy with work at the time.
With the info in the report, we went back to the vendor and continued to negotiate after some time we reduced the price down by another 3,500, and we have now agreed a price of 114,000€.
Your report was a great help in this and also it has put our minds at rest that there are no major issues with the property. We noted your comment about the parking space as we were also of the opinion that there appeared to be a lot of parking in the street, however we decided to still get a space as our plans for the future will be split our time between UK and Spain. When this happens we will be getting a car in Spain and it will be better to have some where to store it safely when in the UK.
It was also great that you put in the report things that I would call ideas / advice, in particular the comment about putting coving in the property. When we saw this we looked at some of the internal photos and then noticed that there was none, we are in agreement with your view and will be putting coving in the property.
Thanks for your help with this, we are both glad that we had a survey done and your report helped us in reducing the price and saving us more money.

John & Mandy

Dear Campbell,
Thank you for your email. I have since received an email from Lawbird and I also thank you for sending a copy to them.
Looks like we can go!
Thank you for providing us with a professional and efficient service we will have no hesitation in recommending you to any friends who have need of the same.
We will also keep in mind the new service that you are able to offer should we need it.
We wish you a very good weekend.
Kind regards

Peter and Sheryl Thomson

Thank you Campbell. V pleased with service and outcome – client is too, hope to be in touch again.

Marc White LL.B.
Solicitor & Notary Public
Bristol, England

Your report was very clear. I greatly appreciate your confidentiality and I thought the standard of work in your report was superb. I still plan to buy property in Spain and will certainly use your company.

Thank you so much for your professional attention to this.
E.M. Mijas

Dear Sirs
I contacted Survey Spain in connection with a Divorce case involving a property in Spain. I needed a formal valuation of a Spanish property for use in the County Court in England. I would confirm that I received an exceptional level of service from Survey Spain and the report was prepared promptly and in an extremely proficient and comprehensive manner. It was of great help in connection with the Court Proceedings I was dealing with.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Survey Spain to a friend or colleague.
Tom Killick

Survey Spain helped us recognize a potential problem with the water system. We were very pleased with the quality of the survey and photos. We feel we received a good value.
Mr. J. Doherty - Sayalonga

Dear Campbell,
Many thanks for sending the full report and attachments. I was able to use the preliminary report with valuation summary which you sent earlier for my UK probate calculations. This full report is a good and thorough document and will be of great help to my stepchildren and myself in dealing with probate, property transfers and sale with our lawyers in Spain over the coming months. I have been very pleased with the valuation work and have much appreciated the prompt office support from Louise from the outset of my contact with Survey Spain.

Many thanks to you both.
Eric C Windsor

Safely received. Thank you very much for your efficient service.
Tom Killick, Jacobs Reeves Solicitors

I first met Campbell Ferguson of Survey Spain at a Costa del Sol networking organisation of which we were both members, about five years ago.
As lawyers with a large number of UK based clients, we often need valuations for matters such as divorces or inheritances which are to be used in the UK jurisdiction and for that reason we need the reports to be in English and in a format and terminology which is easily understood by UK institutions, this is what distinguishes Survey Spain from other surveyors firms in Spain.
We always receive a prompt response to communications (not always the case in Spain) and the reports are of a high standard.
As a result of our satisfaction with Survey Spain, we have recently recommended them to a very important client of ours who will be purchasing a large number of properties in Spain.
Jon Sutton, DeCotta, McKenna & Santa Fe Abogados (Solicitors)

After years of frustration trying to deal with the developer to resolve dampness in our property we were recommended to Survey Spain.
We requested them to carry a thorough investigation of our property to identify the causes.
Within a week we received a comprehensive report together with photographs.
It was of great assistance to us as when we presented it to the developer things began to happen. The report was conducted in January 2011 and we are presently dealing with the developer to carry out all repairs which they have agreed to do. We feel this was a direct result of the report. We would have no hesitation in recommending Survey Spain.
Richard J Foy, La Quinta

I was recommended to Survey Spain by a property agent when considering purchasing a property. I found Campbell Ferguson very helpful and easy to contact. His response to my survey request was very quick. The survey was excellent , clearly describing issues with the property. Mr Ferguson's response to my telephone queries was practical and very helpful and led to our withdrawing from the purchase. I would certainly recommend Survey Spain to a friend.
Philip Jacobson

We contacted Survey Spain to do a full technical survey on a house we had fallen in love with in Gaucin, because it was an old house & we were aware there might be issues. The survey was very thorough and the reports, both verbally on-site & the later written report, were excellent. As a result we decided not to buy that first house - very fortunately as it later turned out.

Instead we found another house in Gaucin, partially based on criteria we had learned from the earlier survey. This time Survey Spain's report gave it the all clear. We subsequently bought the second house and are extremely happy with it.

We would certainly recommend Survey Spain to anyone.

Best regards
Ian & Jacqueline Cockburn

We have recently engaged the services of Survey Spain to complete Capital Allowance property surveys on our behalf and have found them to be outstandingly professional in their dealings with us.
The standard of work was far higher than we expected with surveyors regularly going the extra mile to assist when a tight deadline was necessary - working over the last weekend in January in particular to help us meet the HM Revenue and Customs 31st January deadline.
Reports were always comprehensive providing much more detail than the basic information required which has helped our clients achieve greater returns as a result.
In all because of the close working relationship that has now developed we have met all our client expectations and would have no hesitation in recommending Survey Spain's services to our own contacts.
An International Tax Mitigation Company specialists in Capital Allowances

We contacted Survey Spain in Oct 2010 because we were planning to buy a town house property in Velez-Malaga as a rental property and part time holiday home. We asked Survey Spain to survey the property and send us a report of the state of construction and any corrective action required. Survey Spain sent us a thorough report of their inspection. This enabled us to make an offer to buy the property with confidence we would get the value we expected. We were satisfied with the results. We made the offer on the town house and the Sellers accepted. We would recommend Survey Spain to others who are looking for property to buy in the area of Spain that is covered by Survey Spain.
Pat and Marilyn Buckley, Velez-Mૡga

1. Why did you contact Survey Spain?
In relation to a property valuation in Southern Spain.
2. What did you need them to do?
Provision of micro market commentary for the local residential market and provide additional opinions as to property prices in the area.
3. What did they do?
Survey Spain put us in touch with (the Network's local surveyor in Costa Blanca) who not only offered her services in terms of discussing the local residential market but also met with us when we were inspecting the property in Spain. She invested a lot of time in answering all of our questions and also provided us with a full, local market commentary as well as acting as a soundboard for our enquiries as to local regulations. She also made herself available to us via email upon our return to London and, despite time constraints, turned around a market commentary in a matter of days.
4. How did it help you?
Due to the specific location of the property and the unreliability of information provided by local Spanish agents, we needed someone who could provide sound local market knowledge in order to complete our investigations. Since she had been living in the area, she was able to keep an eye on local property prices and transactions and advise us accordingly. Using this information in conjunction with reliably-sourced transactional data, we were able to complete our valuation. Furthermore, whilst we were largely already aware of the local regulations and necessary investigations, her help proved invaluable in confirming our research.
5. Were you please with the extent of the report provided?
While we did not request a full report, the commentary (as well as the additional help), that she provided to us was invaluable, concise, well-researched and timely.
6. Have you reached a satisfactory conclusion as a result of our help?
7. Would you recommend us to a friend?
Yes. Since returning from Spain, I have already recommended the services that Survey Spain can offer since it is essential in a market as volatile as that of Spain that local expert knowledge is sought in all matters.
Emma Hartgen, Hamptons International

1. Why did you contact Survey Spain?
We were looking for a reputable accredited survey firm that could complete valuations in a timely manner.
2. What did you need them to do?
3. What did they do (more than you expected?)?
Valuations are always provided to us in a timely manner, the information in the valuation report is very detailed and gives us a good current picture of the property. Issues that may be of added concern are highlighted to us which allows us to assess the risks that might be connected to the property.
4. How did it help you?
We are able to assess risks and issues that may not be immediately apparent to us, there is always information with add colour to the situation and in some instances the information gives us visibility on home owner issues.
5. Were you pleased with the extent of the report provided?
We are very pleased with content, presentation style and detail.
6. Have you reached a satisfactory conclusion as a result of our help?
We have been able to complete individual risk assessments on the properties valued.
7. Would you recommend us to a friend?
We would recommend SurveySpain if required
An International Bank Loan Default Recovery Team

We contacted Survey Spain in June of last year after re-occurring rising damp in our lounge. We received a quick response and a survey was undertaken to establish the likely cause. Survey Spain were also able to recommend a local builder to undertake the remedial work and as our Spanish is limited were able to provide an interpreter initially when the work commenced to alleviate any translation problems. We have as a result given Survey Spain's name to other owners should they have similar problems.
Geraldine and Nigel Aylen, Los Arqueros

1. Why did you contact Survey Spain? - To inspect and report on purported water leakage from our penthouse apartment to the apartment below.
2. What did you need them to do? - Attend the property for inspection and prepare a report with conclusions and recommendations.
3. What did they do (more than you expected?)? - A thoroughly professional approach throughout.
4. How did it help you? - Enabled us to convince our neighbours that the problem was a "block" problem with planters and not particular to our apartment.
5. Were you pleased with the extent of the report provided? - Yes and the ongoing work being provided.
6. Have you reached a satisfactory conclusion as a result of our help? - Having assessed and costed the remedial works required, SS introduced a local builder to carry out the works to both our own apartment and the two apartments below that had been affected by extensive water leakage from our terrace and terrace planters. This work was carried out on time and on budget (a rarity in Spain) and was professionally monitored throughout by SS. The builder did such a good job that he was further employed to carry out a number of other works at the property. The works are now complete and I would say that it was a thoroughly professional job by all concerned and we are very pleased with the end result.
7. Would you recommend us to a friend? - Yes, definitely.
David Munday, Guadalmina

Since circa 2003 until the present day I have been represented in the Marbella area of Spain by Campbell Ferguson who is a principal of Survey Spain S.L.
During that time he has been my sole property representative for the commercial properties I currently own in the area. With the exception of my Spanish abogado, who liaises with Campbell on the formal legal documentation, I have had no need to employ any other building professional I have complete confidence in Campbell's ability to accept varied oral and written instruction briefs from me and to bring these to a conclusion without much further input from me. One very recent instruction (between July and December 2010) was concerning a property worth several million Euros and involved;
a) The recovery of an over 100,000€ debt from the existing tenant.
b) Appearances on my behalf in Marbella Court and the preparation of the many supporting documents needed for the Court hearings.
c) The negotiations on the extensive dilapidations which had to be corrected, both cosmetic and structural.
d) Negotiations with all the Community owners on the structural issues Campbell highlighted.
e) The 10 year lease of the property to a new tenant who are international restaurateurs. Even in the current extremely difficult market conditions in Marbella, Campbell also negotiated tri-annual, upward only, reviews to the market rent.
f) These restaurateurs wanted an option to purchase the building. This resulted in Campbell negotiating a good price for the purchase and further terms to my benefit.
g) While all this was taking place I was either in London or Florida where my homes are. I was not present in Spain and delegated everything to Campbell. (I am deeply involved in a large development in southern Georgia, USA and only wish he also practised there). These negotiations are only a part of other proposals which Campbell is currently handling for me in the Marbella/Estepona area. I rely on Campbell for advice.
In my extensive experience of working with Campbell he has only worked with professional colleagues who can meet his own very high professional standards and abilities. I cannot recommend Campbell Ferguson and Survey Spain highly enough.
Mr. Des Gill

Our experience with you as a company has as you know been very satisfactory.
The apartment which you surveyed was being bought by a Norwegian builder and therefore it felt very safe to use a company with your experience. After having seen the comprehensive report the buyer felt confident with his choice of property and also expressed satisfaction with the way the report was laid out and presented. We will certainly use your services again.
Peter Buresten, Marbella Estates

"From the first contact I made with Survey Spain I felt I could trust what they told me. They carried out the survey as agreed on an apartment in Spain. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company in the future"
Mr. Bateman, Manchester

We have used Survey Spain on two occasions to date (once for a cracked swimming pool and the other for a large BBQ roof structure) and have always found them very thorough and professional on site and afterwards in producing a full written report of the survey with helpful solutions. We would recommend their services and we have in fact recommended them to another client for a house survey.
Lorraine Welford, Director, Mayfair Estate Management S.L.

I contacted Survey Spain to provide a Court appointed valuation of a property in Spain belonging to a client. I found their details via an internet search and provided formal instructions which were followed to the letter. The report was completed within the timescale originally proposed and was extremely thorough and comprehensive.
Following this Survey Spain acted above and beyond what was asked of them and assisted me in various ways including by liaising with the Spanish mortgagees regarding mortgage problems, translation of documents and advice about the Spanish property market. They were incredibly helpful and their assistance was invaluable in what was a very complex case.
When contacting Survey Spain I found that their responses were swift, whether by email or phone.
Overall my experience of Survey Spain was extremely positive and I have nothing but praise for their professionalism and client care. I would certainly recommend them to a friend / colleague and indeed have added their details onto my firms "approved experts list".
Mrs Rebecca Sykes F.Inst.L.Ex, Legal Executive, Dicksons Solicitors