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Are you Ready? – First Rain of the Autumn

How to protect your house from the rain in SpainThe forecast is that summer is to end early and the Costa del Sol is to see rain and lightning storms on Monday to Wednesday this week (28th to 30th August). Normally, it has the decency to wait until all are back at school and the office, but this year it’s different.

Damp is the most common fault we see in our building surveys and much of it can be avoided with a little preparation.

Start at the top. Are all the terrace drains clear of weeds and debris and water able to flow down them and away easily? Remember that when it rains here, it can really come down in large amounts so every millimetre of pipe width is important. Otherwise the rainwater ponds and finds its way under the tiles and through into the areas below, or around the patio doors and into the house that way. It’s too late to install new gutters and downpipes, but make sure if you have them that they too are clear and the end of the downpipe directs water away from the building, ideally into a drainage system. Where is the water going from the terrace? We see spouts pouring onto terraces below, with a fierceness to wash away the grout from around the tiles there. Once water gets under tiling, it can flow to the walls and cause damp internally for many years. So, ensure that any water falling from above is caught, even in an empty flowerpot and allowed to overflow from there, which will avoid the damage to the surrounds of the tiles. Continue reading


Lovely isn’t it, but if you are looking for a propertyremember that for approximately 8 months of the year, especially away from the coastal strip, the weather is temperate with heavy rains and cold winds sometimes for days or even weeks on end. In summer it can be very hot, leading to annual temperature ranges in the region of 40º in inland areas. Similarly, humidity can range from 100% down to less than 10% between seasons. Continue reading