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Ley de Costas – Coastal Law

In 2018, your property by the beach will be taken from you, demolished and the site left to nature. That was the effect of the original act of 1988 in the spirit of the 1978 constitution, which expressly declared coastline as public domain. It was then largely forgotten or ignored for 20 years until people began to realise that the end of the 30 year dispensation for occupation of the coastal land would be upon them very soon. Obviously, some people with influence were to be affected and so changes to the law are being considered to give the properties at least another 75 years; although they are going to have to pay a fee for that (the country needs the money!). Then it will be somebody else’s problem! Also some areas are less or not affected and, according to El Pais, about 10,000 properties are excluded altogether. The complaints of owners whose properties have already been demolished and neighbours who are being less laxly treated will no doubt carry on for years. Continue reading