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CEE – Certificado de Eficiencia Energética LATEST

Experience at the Notary is showing that they are accepting documents without an Energy Certificate. HOWEVER, they are warning buyers that they will not be Registered as the property owner until the Energy Certificate is provided. As I wrote on the 31st:

‘(Without being in a Registry, it is only a private contract between the registered owner and the 1st buyer and, though committing fraud, the registered owner could sell the property again to a 2nd buyer and if that 2nd buyer registers the property before the first one, the 2nd buyer is the legal owner and the 1st buyer only has the right to sue the initial seller, who has gained two sale prices and may well have disappeared! There are variations to that of course depending upon occupation, etc, but very simply that’s the situation).’ Continue reading

Energy Certificates and their importance

Energy Certificates and their importanceWhilst Spain may be behind UK in introducing the requirement for Energy Certificates for property, it gives us to benefit from their experience. Here is a recent article that was aired on the RICS Chartered Surveyor’s website. Author is a specialist in Energy Performance Certificates in England.

The 10 years from 2008 to 2018 are seeing a profound transformation of the regulations relating to energy efficiency and, importantly, their impact on properties. Sam Parkes explains: Continue reading