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When Other Professionals Need Our Services

Property in SpainWhen companies based outside Spain are called upon by their clients to comment on or oversee important property negotiations in Spain, a lack of local knowledge can make them reconsider their competence to adequately work to their client’s full benefit.

The rules and regulations governing property vary from country to country and in Spain, region to region and town to town. It is impossible for overseas companies to give their clients the very best service and advice without already having gained hard won experience in that particular geographical area. The learning curve is just too steep, time inefficient and economically prohibitive for most transactions. Continue reading

Survey Spain Case Study: Tornado causes flood damage to an apartment

Spanish property in urbanisationMost people when buying property in Spain never think of extreme weather conditions and in particular flooding. However, sometimes the unexpected can happen.

Mr. B, who was about to purchase an apartment in Spain, was made aware that a tornado had hit the town of Alcaucín, causing flooding to the underground car park of the development, with the water level up to 15 feet high.

The developer sent him a structural report in Spanish, but it was very brief. Upon visiting the site, he noticed that further damage had been caused. It became quite clear that the damage was a lot more serious than the developer had initially stated. Continue reading

Survey Spain Case Study Number 3

House inspectionOne of the main reasons given for emigration to Spain is the beautiful weather that we experience throughout the year here. When purchasing properties, most people want to make sure that their outdoor living areas are in prime condition so that they can enjoy the Spanish lifestyle.

The instructions that we received from a property agency client, in respect of a potential buyer in Estepona, concerned a covered outdoor barbecue area. Could Survey Spain inspect the roof and decide what – if any – work needed to be undertaken and at what cost? Continue reading

Survey Spain Case Study Nº 2: Structural defects causing problems with neighbours

Apartment living in SpainLiving in an apartment block has many advantages – especially if you’re not permanently resident in Spain – but you must bear in mind that any building problems that you might experience could be shared by your neighbours. Even if this is not strictly your fault it can quickly cause a deterioration in relations if swift action is not taken.

Recently, one of our clients found himself in such a situation when malfunctioning rainwater troughs led a neighbour to complain about the maintenance of their apartment. Clearly, when living in an apartment block, a problem shared can be a problem doubled. (Names have been changed to ensure confidentiality) Continue reading

Survey Spain Case Study Nº 1: Rising damp in a recently built apartment

Spanish apartment interiorChartered surveyors are asked to intervene in a wide variety of issues. However, we find that many of our cases concern basic problems with properties that, while easily dealt with, can cause considerable distress to the householders.

The problem that Brian and Jessica Halstead* were experiencing with rising damp caused them to contact Survey Spain and ask for our help. Continue reading